Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Proposal for a new Data Access Standard: Load/Store/Delete (sent to NIST yesterday)

Adopting a new standard will force a re-write of all Federal software.  Push SQL back into the database where it belongs.
  • All software is built to textbook standards.
  • Load/Store/Delete follows proper architectural n-tier design
  • Most systems can be re-written side-by-side with no downtime.
  • Supports surveillance and law enforcement while providing accountability.
  • Sufficient savings can follow through on Congress' 'borrow and pay from savings' plan.
  • Allows control into the, otherwise opaque, 'cloud'.
  • Fits into NIST's Cybersecurity Framework
  • Encourages distributed responsibility.
  • Easier to write, faster, with fewer bugs.  

All databases must expose an interface:  Load, Store, & Delete.  NIST reviews each vendors' implementation and decides if the interface is sufficient to meet the standard.

With a standard set, all Federal software would have to meet that spec.

Chris Liddell of the Office of American Innovation can assist in defining timelines for re-writing all Federal software.

Since "Load, Store, & Delete" creates enormous efficiency and accelerates the development cycle, this could be finished in months, including a re-write of a all IRS' software.

Proof-of-concept: System.Persistence

Designed for SQL Server/.NET has been in use for over 15 years.  ORB is supported.  ORM is supported.  See attached for how easy software is to write today.  Software is not rocket-science any more and this approach brings software development to the 'power user'.

Someone please forward this to Chris Liddell, as I do not have his contact information.

Please contact me for further information.  This can be done today.

Andrew B. Brown
4706 Elon Crescent
Lakeland, Florida 33810

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  1. For the moment, NIST decided this wasn't the type of standard that would be included in their Cybersecurity Framework.

    I disagree with that decision, but moving on...

    All software with a database can be written to the standard of Load, Store, & Delete. We have total breach in all systems, as evidenced by the 4 recent Navy collisions.