Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Persistence.dll - entry points

This is a ready-to-ship piece of code that makes software development available to the average "power user".  It solves the data access layer and is appropriate for over 95% of all business applications in production and development today.  It works for any data-access requirement and works with any database.  The SQL Server plug-in is written.

From the developer’s perspective, he/she writes:

Requirements by the application developer:
1.       Add a PersistableAttribute to the class.
2.       Create 3 stored procedures (load, store, delete) using a code-generator or hand-code.
3.       Add a connection string to the config file.

Unlike other solutions, referential integrity is not replicated at the business/logical layer.  Referential integrity is checked at the database.

This solution has been in use for over 10 years in high-volume environments with complex data structures of hundreds of tables (GUIDs, identity keys, compound identity keys, and no identity keys).  All are supported.  It is faster and simpler and supports all design patterns.

The solution is ready for inclusion in .NET as System.Persistence namespace.  It consists of a couple hundred lines of code and replaces the Dataset and automates the DataReader into simple loops.

For more information contact me:

Andrew Bransford Brown

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