Friday, November 29, 2013

Download the Persistence demo

Persistence is an object-to-stored procedure mapping system that replaces all data access methodologies and disobviates the need for an ORM.  No configuration.  Persistence is faster and simpler and has been proven to work for any imaginable business application regardless of complexity.
Side-by-side development.  Total rewrite is possible with no downtime.  Totally secure too.

Persistence was originally written in Java about 13 years ago.  It was ported to J++, then VB6, and now C#.  It is still in production today. 13 years without any bugs or limitations.  It simplifies application development profoundly while supporting any data structure and client design pattern imaginable.  It can and should be the System.Persistence namespace in the .NET framework.

1. Add Persistence.dll to your project (email me for a copy)
2. Create a PersistenceTest database (in SSMS or manually in PersistenceTest.sql)
3. Run PersistenceTest.sql

Persistence is free for individual development.  For licensing on commercial projects, please contact me.  I am also available for consultation.

Andrew Bransford Brown
+1 512 947 8282

Copyright 2002 Andrew Bransford Brown

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